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Warum liebt das Gehirn Ketone?

Ketones - Better Fuel for your brain!

The traditional western diet contains mostly carbohydrates. A healthy oatmeal in the morning, pasta and pizza in the italian restaurant, some cake or cookies in the afternoon and bread in the evening – that is what a normal western person eats most of their days.

But how should that be a problem? The brain needs sugar in order to function correctly no?

Read here, why this is not entirely true and what fuel source is even more efficient

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more energy

Ketones are the best source of energy in the world. Clearly: everything is justified in the body.

Ketones > Glucose

Not only the muscles love ketones, but also our brain.

better focus

Some useful hormones (e.g. serotonin, GABA, growth hormones) are more produced in ketosis. Ketones can cross the blood-brain barrier. Ketones also release more energy than glucose.
That changes thinking and performance: faster, better focus and better creativity!

better fat burning

In ketosis, fats are burned 24 hours a day. This and other advantages of ketosis make weight loss easy, quick and long-term.

better sleep

Many repair programs in the body really get going in ketosis. Many people report a fewer need for sleep and / or better sleep quality.

better complexion

The reduced insulin release and possible reduction of inflammation caused by ketones can improve the complexion.

better muscle protection

With a ketogenic diet, muscles can be built up faster in weight training and excess fat can be burned. The result is defined muscle areas and less water retention in the body.

If you can’t follow the ketogenic diet strictly right now, get the exogenous ketones! They can help you getting into ketosis in 30-60 minutes without even following a strict diet.

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Testimonials with KETONES

What impresses me most is the mental clarity and composure, besides my continuous physical vitality and performance.

Kerstin F.

age 25

As I often organize and host big events due to my job, I had an extreme strain, hardly any sleep and a really bad mood! Since the KETONES have slipped into my life, I master such events again like a 20-year-old and my mood is consistently good. The best of it: The regeneration of an event lasting several days with max. 4 hours sleep is phenomenal!

Frank S.

age 65

I do intermittent 16/8 fasting, which fits perfectly into my daily routine. In combinati- on with KETO/NAT I lost 20 cm abdominal and 13 cm of thighs circumference within 3 months. I do not have to do without anything or limit myself, which I find great.

Andrea M.

age 38


more energy


better focus


better fat burn


better muscle protection

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